Mapper since:
April 02, 2017

An internet denizen from South Africa who enjoys working on the commons. OSM holds a strong personal interest, both on hobby mapping and software ecosystem sides. Currently working on maxing my dex and enchanting.

  • Mostly fleshing out the southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa and surrounds.
  • I quite enjoy mapping geometry along urban greenbelts and waterways.
  • Yaaay!! We all make mistakes! (shout if I keep making the same ones?)
  • Contact via a direct message here or irc.
  • Independent software engineer/producer and technology consultant based in ZA.
  • (sustainable) Tourism is good for everyone; Wine estates and similar (drop me a labeled property map? dop-system accepted)
  • z0r
  • How can we leverage OSM to make the Cape Town train system suck less?