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closed 2392716 ortho_is_hot

I've added three bus stops (currently don't have names). Not sure where the named bus stop goes or if it has been moved, etc, probably needs a resurvey (my survey was 2020/09)

open 4336653 Fizzie41

Could somebody please confirm that gate M1 is actually located here?

closed 4328279 Pakenhamin

three-way roundabout at this intersection


closed 4328225


closed 3700782 Natasha963

Please review this construction project as it appears to be fully open. Article: and Thanks

closed 3602215 Yourock17

Unable to answer "Are these opening hours still correct?" for via StreetComplete 51.1:

Renovation removed store. Layout requires fixing

closed 3965691 hieu6066!

Bob's Crossing

closed 3964166 Fizzie41

"Sports Centre of Excellence" to be added when imagery available

open 4318393 The Ranch at Laguna Beach

Hi There! Guests are being directed down this road when asking for directions. This is a private, service road and does not provide access to PCH or the resort. Any help here would be so appreciated!

closed 4310689

Clovelly Beach

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