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closed 3061083 Surveyor2503

these roads look almost complete

6 months ago about 2 hours ago
closed 3091537 GC69

This section of Heather Road has been closed at Aileen Street to York Street and has been turned into a park and bbq area for residents. The road no longer exists.

5 months ago about 3 hours ago
closed 3309325


1 day ago about 8 hours ago
open 3307571 Archie - Wollongong

This white road/path thing is connected to the end of beacon ave. This path has only been put in recently. It is a shared path

2 days ago about 12 hours ago
closed 3307572 Archie - Wollongong

Road has been blocked, you can not get through from either direction.

2 days ago about 12 hours ago
closed 3308252 David Dean

As Barnaby is no longer a minister, what is in this office now?

2 days ago 1 day ago
closed 3307767 cheakshibe

at some zoom level this section displays as main road, some zoom level as secondary

2 days ago 1 day ago
open 3293567

No building data present

11 days ago 1 day ago
closed 3303231 Seany

Gate. Gate locked - no access to beach

5 days ago 2 days ago
closed 3303234 Seany

Ford Crossing

5 days ago 2 days ago

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