Mapper since:
November 16, 2022

Who am I?

  • I’m a person in the South of England, living in/around Basingstoke.
  • I try to use public transport or cycling when possible.

How/Why do I use OSM?

  • I mainly use OSM for navigation,
  • I also use OSM for finding out about my surroundings,
  • I like to edit whilst out and about with StreetComplete, but use iD for more complicated/complex editing. I am currently learning JOSM and seeing if it’s right for me.

My Mapping Interests

Ways (Roads, Paths, etc)

  • Adding cycle infrastructure,
  • Road surface (I don’t particularly like bad surfaces, so I like to help others with this),
  • Lighting (something that some people really like, including me, for safety),
  • Number of lanes,

Nodes (including buildings)

  • Seperating out buildings to avoid ambiguity,
  • Adding addresses (I feel that this is a major downside of using OSM in a lot of places, so I want to fix that),


  • I really like to include anything accessibility related (tactile paving, surface, etc),
  • Again, I like to try and include lighting in roads/paths,
  • I want to add to this publicly avaliable resource, free for others, because of what it is.