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Diversity in OpenStreetMap, Seeking your help on ideas for the Foundation 7 months ago

@”Valor Naram” I think you mean well, but I don’t recognize OpenStreetMap as you describe it. There are a lot of in person events around the world with OSM, and they’ve been critical to building our community. I’m not sure what a “normalo” is, but it doesn’t sound that great, and in fact there are plenty of people who do not have a heavy tech background involved in OSM. Women are in fact very interested in technology, but there are many factors that lead to less participation generally; you might be interested to read about the history of women in computing on Wikimedia, which highlights that the early days of software development was dominated by women.

My defenition of a normal would be someone who has never heard/interacted with anything gis related (the programm side) from my experience talking to people they think that it takes a lot of skill and thecnical knowledge to contribute which is false since the iD editor and StreetComplete are very user friendly and easy to use.

As was pointed out before women are usually less interseted (due to various reason but that’s not my topic here) in tech if we could make it clear obvious that it is more about observation skill and not programming or taking complex measurements we should be able to apeal to a broader audience which in term should also be more diverse.

Two More Highway Numbers, and Old Soviet Military Maps over 1 year ago

Are there any scans online?

#fake GPS location over 1 year ago

This depends what kind of device you are on. Many apps might have something like this built in into developor options. Also reasearch GPS Spoofing.