Mapper since: July 08, 2019

Focused Area: Banjarmasin > Kalsel > Kalimantan > Indonesia > SEA > Asia > World

To Do

  • New Roads and Buildings
  • Landuse Area (palm oil, orchard, wood, forest, farmland)
  • Administrative boundaries
  • public transportation routes (bus, cycle, train etc)
  • Road details (Lanes, Type, Surface, Width)
  • Update names based on local signs and EYD
  • Integrated power grid map of kalsel-kalteng with major/minor power poles
  • Adding landmark trees in the city
  • 3D model of landmark buildings


  • Banjarmasin Administrative Boundaries (tinggal RT/RW yang belum)
  • Naming/validating river names

Tools I Use and Imagery


  • Bing Imagery - Really outdated, but the best flat, top-down imagery in the place. To align roads mostly
  • Esri Clarity - The newest imagery here, but it kinda hurts to work on to see most of the buildings tilted
  • Maxar - Older imagery than Esri but sometimes a duplicate of esri on non-developed places. Good to reconfirm exact locations


you can add these tools on JOSM plugin

  • buildings_tools
  • changeset-viewer
  • color-plugin
  • easypresets
  • fastdraw - create landuse, river, island more accurate and faster
  • graphview
  • gridify
  • http2
  • importvec
  • lanes
  • mapathoner
  • mapwithai
  • measurement
  • opendata
  • piclayer
  • simplify area
  • terracer
  • touchscreenhelper
  • utilsplugin2 - actually makes my life easier
  • wikipedia

other tools: Phone camera, Note app, Vespucci, Gpx app

Things i need to learn yet

  1. JOSM - my main editing software now
  2. 3D Modelling - kendzi 3D broke

I hope that with the little data i contributed it could help people do their research like disaster simulation, climate change and more

last changed: 2021-06-28