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closed 377566 FellRnr57

The defined continuation of the right of way to Scot Hay Road goes through furnace pool! It seems sensible to update tags to show the commonly used course if a survey shows this to be way marked.

about 7 years ago over 1 year ago
closed 45009

OS Trig Point

almost 9 years ago about 4 years ago
open 632258 FellRnr57

There is a public footpath here (and it is indicated by sign posts at both ends). The line shown is visible on the ground, but is obstructed by low fences. The visible line corresponds with that shown on old maps.

Newer maps show the path going through the sewage works and at the side of the access road. There is no evidence for such a line and access is prevented by high fences.

almost 6 years ago almost 6 years ago
closed 243435 Richard

Tagging needs looking at round here; there are some 'cycleways' that are probably tracks, and some semicolon-separated surface tags that nothing will parse

almost 8 years ago about 7 years ago
closed 45006

Underground water storage tanks

almost 9 years ago about 7 years ago
closed 45001

Heathcliffe Monument standing above old mine shaft

almost 9 years ago about 7 years ago

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