Mapper since: April 08, 2012

Who am I?

I map predominantly in rural areas of New Mexico, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. I also enjoy mapping POIs in dense metro areas and airports.

What do I actually map?

I do a lot of tracing (buildings and footways/paths) and lining up of ways (roads and railways). You’d be surprised how expansive and old the TIGER desert truly is, especially in the above rural areas. Simple alignment with satellite imagery goes a long way for routers and aesthetics.

I also add POI information in areas that I am familiar with. I sometimes target areas and manually survey addresses or POIs, then come back home and add them. I never import data on this account; everything I add is entered or drawn by hand.

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E.g. OSM wiki, Mapillary, OpenStreetView. I also contribute to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

I used to serve in the Data Working Group, where my work was relegated to the account FTA_dwg.