Mapper since:
April 02, 2014

Accurate and detailed mapping is my passion!

My current project: To choose a new neighborhood/small community each week and improve its map by adding more details such as traffic signs, road directional information, speed limits, missing roads or driveways where needed, fire hydrants, street lamps, signs, fences, and other common neighborhood features.

I’ve always believed in creating a detailed representation of the real world as a way to further enhance our digital lives. Prior to OSM, I was an avid editor with another (now shut down) mapping program with over 15,000+ edits. Missing the “editing life”, I came across OSM and have enjoyed being able to help contribute to a mapping program once again.

Some of my favorite edits are commonly seen as “small” or “minor”, but I personally feel that the smaller details help to complete the big picture and make the local map look much more realistic and usable.

If anyone knows how I could do this for a living or a part-time career, please let me know!

Happy Mapping!