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closed 4112080

Calmo Farms
2500 cows
Jade & Belinda Clymo

closed 4112078

Dehne & Sarah Vinicombe

closed 4113673

Road is not physically separated until further down the road. It is possible to drive from Hopetoun Road to Power Ave

closed 4039726 arctic-rocinante

Paths are all very approximate in these gardens - could use another survey.

open 3997561 Pakenhamin

can we have a construction navigation block put on Dudley Road because it looks like it's going to last about six months or so

closed 4033428 melbournefan

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 55.1:

Seems to be wrongly placed, in the middle of the Pullman hotel

closed 4110748

Felix Mews housing complex

open 3774467 Pakenhamin

can a barrier be put along the eastern side of this green zone because the GPS is trying to guide some drivers through to Koornang Road addresses via Caribbean Drive

closed 4022950 TheJimmyson

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" for via StreetComplete 55.1:

Construction site

closed 3956767 Pakenhamin

Kooyoora Lane

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