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How we apply map feedback over 1 year ago

While I understand why personal information needs to be removed, the current wording of the notes is too untransparent, I think.

I'm an experienced OSM mapper, but when MapBox notes started to appear in my area of interest (mostly Sweden), I didn't understand at first that they were a coordinated effort. It was very hard to judge the reliability of the notes, and whether it would be worth taking a detour to check a note. My first guess was that the notes were from tourists who had noticed possible errors when passing through the area but didn't remember it exactly when making the note. Follow-up questions for the notes (by me and other local mappers) often went unanswered for a long time. Only after starting to check the user pages of the people making similar notes, a pattern emerged. Even so, it was not obvious where the information came from. is linked from the user pages, but the link to this post from there is not prominent, and it took me some determined effort to find that it answered my question.

Tagging all MapBox notes with a link to this post, or at the very least a tag similar to Wisepilot or Navmii notes, would make the process more open without compromising the personal information of the original poster. This way, it would also be more obvious that a detailed reply doesn't actually close the feedback loop, and might not be necessary as long as the map data itself is fixed.