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Response to Andy and DWG 10 months ago

I can see that you are a great and responsible mapper. I’m sorry to hear what happened.

Using repetitive changeset descriptions should not be a problem, especially when mapping new areas.

Auxiliary lines can be controversial. It may be better to reach some consensus with local mappers.

Extremely detailed mapping of shopping center about 1 year ago

Nicely done! Congrats!

I have a question about indoor mapping. How do you locate the shops inside the building? Do you have a mall map at hand when adding the shops?

Last time I was using Go Map!! to add shops inside a shopping complex. The GPS signal isn’t good enough and it’s confusing where to put the POI.

Six months busy in Sichuan about 2 years ago

Hi @katpatuka,

Congrats for the great work!

I also have interest in map localization. And made a project for it:

Maybe you already know, but for poeple who don’t, wikimedia provides a daily updated localised map: