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First YouthMappers Meeting 8 months ago

You might need to re-phrase your diary entry. You are not the founder of YouthMappers :)

Map-[A]ddiction has Rewards over 2 years ago

Simply put: You rock :)

Some Important Questions for YouthMappers Trainer (From my Experienced) about 4 years ago

Nice piece.

Creating .obf files for OsmAnd using Overpass Turbo API and OsmMapCreator over 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Bookmarked.

Airline offices in Kampala (UG) over 5 years ago

Nice one Jotam.

OSM Node Density 2014 almost 6 years ago

Awesome! I like it.

Open geospatial's & OSM's bright future in Cleveland (2013 Kick-Off Meeting Recap) about 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing. Will use your introductory presentattion and others I’ve gathered as a reference for a presentation soon.

Blantyre City Mapping,Malawi. about 6 years ago

Nice one! Keep it up!

Mapillary Bike Ride in my Neighborhood over 6 years ago

Great work! Will give it a shot too. :) Best.