Emmanuel Bama

Mapper since:
August 04, 2013

Emmanuel BAMA is an IT Network System Engineer and Network Cybersecurity Analyst with many of experience in the fields of telecom networks, open technologies, and geographic information systems. Emmanuel holds a degree in Systems and Telecoms Network Design Engineering. As a student engineer in computer science, Emmanuel, along with three of his classmates, started Openstreetmap Cote D’Ivoire: a digital and collaborative mapping initiative to map all of Cote D’Ivoire’s regions in an effort to save lives and promote open technologies. Three years later, as a Volontariat International de la Francophonie (VIF), he contributed to supporting Openstreetmap’s collaborative free mapping project in French-speaking West African countries.

He continues to promote opensource technologies through his blog :

Emmanuel is at the very core of innovative initiatives and is part of the driving force behind projects such as OpenStreetMap Cote D’Ivoire,Billet Express, Data Transport and Hmobility.