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closed 2221143 EmWo


open 2221178 EmWo

Path designation?
Any signs / evidence regarding cycling - permitted / prohibited?
Implied bicycle=permissive?

closed 2221057 EmWo

Fence barrier between path and road?

closed 2689053

Where does cycle route go?
Is there a route through an underpass?

open 2228100 EmWo

Route of path to link with footpath / bridleway?

open 2228097 EmWo

Further footpath that links to bridleway?

open 2221145 EmWo

Any signs / evidence regarding if cyclin is permitted / prohibited?
bicycle= permissive implied?

open 2221120 EmWo

Need to survey and map detail of where/how paths connect to road.

closed 2170688 phodgkin

Public conveniences about here?

open 2221013 EmWo

Update needed regarding school access including cycleway connection

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