Mapper since:
October 07, 2011

Mapper from Korshamn, small fishing harbor in the bottom of Norway, I’m concentrating my mapping inn areas near bye, where I have local knowledge Mandal, Lindesnes Lyngdal and Sokndal

EivindWAA, EivindWAA_import, and on OpenstreetView EivindWAA

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Get in touch

IRC, under the username : Dr_Eamy @ IRCnet, DALnet, EFnet, #pfsense@FreeNode and #osm-no@OFTCnet

I’m a user @ Telegram, and also made a telegram bot that posts new changes in Lister


Importing coastline from N50 in the areas im active

  • Lyngdal ,finished 100% Here some old data was left, as it’s better then N50
  • Sokndal
  • Mandal ,finished 100%
  • Lindesnes ,finished 100%

Mapping Equipment

  • Garmin Monterra
  • Garmin Montana
  • Garmin GpsMap 62
  • Garmin GpsMap 60cs
  • Samsung S4 active
  • Generic Android 6.0.1 head unit in car running osmand+

generic android head unit in my car