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open 4248894 EdLoach

This currently fenced off ex-car park, which was to be removed after Orwell Place Car Park opened, now may be retained in some form:

closed 4226757 DorneyLake123

Does this building with historic=manor have a name?

There's no name= tag on it!

Is "Wix Abbey" correct?

closed 4229523

Body Ink now Claire's Coffee Lounge

closed 2667258 EdLoach

Notice in today's paper - proposal to make this oneway south to north - any objections by 4th June

closed 1431582 EdLoach

Dice and a Slice give their address as in this building (perhaps not the whole building). Survey to check. and relate

closed 1758472 EdLoach

Bar reported to have closed -

closed 2938129 James Pain

Suspected vacant. Survey to confirm.

closed 2938128 James Pain

Survey to confirm if retail property is still in use.

open 431890 EdLoach

Car park missing here, though local paper reported in March it was due to be sold - - resurvey to see if it is still open or not and add if so.

closed 1859923 pole_climber

TDC PLANNING 19/00260/ful proposed conversion of house into 2 no. flats. expires Tue 28 Jun 2022

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