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open 4294853 Souguetty

"Temporarily closed, apparently abandoned material inside"
OSM snapshot date: 2024-05-28T17:19:44Z
POI name: Poste Italiane, Pisa 8
POI types: amenity-post_office
#organicmaps android

open 4326293 Vojta Vilímec

Can someone add gates at the Pisa Airport? There should be 16 gates (numbered 01–11 and 21–25)

closed 4312025 DnaX

Dan John è la catena di abbigliamento o un cafe. Da capire sul post. Tagging ambiguo.

closed 4306600 quercus_cart

Ristorante Pizzeria La Brusta

via StreetComplete 56.0

closed 4292619 mariotomo

Gate. Barra come passaggio a livello

via StreetComplete 58.0

closed 4292617 mariotomo

Fermata bus. 70.

via StreetComplete 58.0

closed 4272289 DnaX

In context of overlay "Buildings" – via StreetComplete 57.3:

Bloc 2

closed 4272288 DnaX

In context of overlay "Buildings" – house number 71B: Apartment Building – via StreetComplete 57.3:

Bloc 3

closed 4270265 Dragunia


closed 3963048 mariotomo

"serve caffè Icaro."
OSM snapshot date: 2023-09-20T00:34:57Z
POI name: Caffè Settimelli
POI types: amenity-bar
#organicmaps android

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