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Sustainable Travel Expenses Resolution – Request for Support almost 3 years ago


Vespucci 14 preview about 4 years ago

Custom presets created the way you describe in your post are not in that list.

Vespucci 14 preview about 4 years ago

How do I delete a custom preset?

OpenStreetMap “mappedness” based on POI density over 4 years ago

I’d be interested in statistics that can’t be generated with this method: Different locations with high level of detail. Where the difference is if trees, streetlights and building levels are mapped or not.

Aggressiveres tile-caching für JOSM over 5 years ago

Ich benutze die Karte fast ausschließlich, um zu sehen, ob mein Hundekotbeutelspender zu sehen ist. Aber ich bin ja auch noch relativ neu hier :-)