Diógenes de Sinope

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June 08, 2015

“like the cleaning of a house, the mapping never ends”

My love affair with digital maps began the moment I bought a navigation bundle that included a Bluetooth Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver with installable map data for my very first Personal Data Assistant (PDA), the ‘Dell Axim x50’ (the technology that preceded the smartphone).

Being the sort of person who is too reticent to ask others for directions when travelling, I immediately recognised the value and was naturally excited by the idea of having a virtual map in the palm of my hand, that could help me navigate more conveniently than outmoded paper maps and compass ever could.

My passion for navigating with digital maps is what seduced me to contribute toward OpenStreetMap (OSM) which I continue to do so to this day. Even when I am away from a computer, the Android app ‘OsmAnd+’ allows me not only navigate using OSM data, but also contribute to it while on the go.

I would like to thank all the contributors to ‘The Apple Team’ for coming together in 2018 and putting in the hard work to tackle the enormous task of aligning, designating and creating new ways for the entire map of Angola.

  1. My main reason for contributing to the development of OpenStreetMap is to provide information that both I and others may find useful, a secondary reason is that it provides a platform that allows me to express myself in a way that I find fulfilling.
  2. As someone who enjoys navigating on foot, my main ambition is to map amenities that are primarily of interest to pedestrians.
  3. My ultimate goal is to establish elements more precisely.

Note: This account is maintained by several people.

Tips: * Please consider enabling GPX traces when mapping. * The centre mass of multiple GPX tracks is a better indicator of the location of roads than satellite imagery provided as the background layer.

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