Diógenes de Sinope

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“like the cleaning of a house… the mapping never ends”

  • regarding background layers, ‘Maxar Premium/Standard Imagery’ is the most up-to-date, followed by ‘Esri World Imagery’, with ‘Bing Aerial Imagery’ being the most out-of-date
  • the centre mass of multiple gpx traces is a better indicator of the location of roads than satellite imagery made available as a background layer
  1. My main reason for contributing towards the continued development of OpenStreetMap is provide information that both I and others may find useful, a secondary reason is that it provides me foundation which allows me to express myself in a way that I find fullyfilling
  2. as someone who enjoys navigating on foot, my main ambition is to map amenities that are principly of interest to pedestrians
  3. my ultimate goal in contributing towards the development of platform is to establish elements more precisely

Many thanks to The Apple Team for helping align, designate and create new ways for the map of Angola in 2018

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