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open 1593817 DaveF

is this recreation ground a part of Abbey School? if so, it should be included in just one amenity=school polygon.

about 3 hours ago about 3 hours ago
closed 1383140 DaveF

Surely this cycle lane must join the highway?

7 months ago 2 days ago
closed 1558302 DaveF

Is this the Bristol Grillstock?

about 1 month ago 7 days ago
closed 1583226

Freshford Shop

12 days ago 9 days ago
open 1582422 DaveF

Is this still a pub?

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 1582390 DaveF

Is this recreation ground part of the school's ground?

13 days ago 13 days ago
open 1417901 DaveF

Is this building used as part of the train station?

6 months ago 16 days ago
closed 1426548 DaveF

Do these two tracks end here?

5 months ago about 1 month ago
open 1561888 DaveF

Would there not be a section of bus guide way here to prevent vehicles passing through?

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 1556063

Furthest point

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago

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