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closed 1642959 Matthew Darwin

Need survey here. City of Ottawa data says roads here under construction as of 2019-01-07

closed 1850484 zzptichka

what's the name of this park?

closed 1723476 Matthew Darwin

As of 2019-03-24 the city of Ottawa has marked some roads in this area as open. Status is updated accordingly.

closed 749012 Geography Canada

Something opened here by now? Or still construction?

closed 1815171 DannyMcD

Missing buildings, please import

closed 1815160 DannyMcD

Missing buildings here, someone please import them.

closed 1941723 LogicalViolinist

RBC closing 6th april 2020

closed 2102571 submitted note from a business:
name: Locksmith Nepean
phone: 613-482-0318
twitter: undefined
hours: OPEN 24 x 7
category: ,Keys & Locksmiths
address: 110 Place d'Orléans Dr Orléans ON K1C 2L9

closed 260578 andrewpmk

closed school, has anything replaced this?

closed 282806 andrewpmk

has anything replaced Walmart

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