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First entry over 2 years ago

I recognise the name :)

You should hop on the Irish OSM telegram group and connect with more mappers from Ireland. I’ll send you the link

Completing Copmanthorpe over 2 years ago

Thats cool

The flight sim guys are going to love you

Community is hard about 3 years ago

Do what I did, ignore it all except for local meetups and OSM weekly news.

The rest is just noise.

uMap: from user to noob contributor about 3 years ago

Fantastic work

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago

Kevin, thank you for that, it’s really appreciated

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago

Thats fantastic news, thank you!

Any info on this imagery for Josm and others?

Quick update on Maxar imagery about 3 years ago

Hi kevin, I understand the issue and that its being worked on. Given the time of year I don’t expect a quick resolution but would you have any idea of an ETA for a fix?

Too bad I don't have a camera rig almost 4 years ago

Change the gpx colour to black, turn off imagery, set background to white

Hey presto, a neat little piece of art that you made yourself through mile’s and miles of “painting” the lines

Notes in iD have arrived over 4 years ago

This is great work

In terms of making them more useful, I know the Irish OSM community utilised the feed from Pascal’s site to have new notes pop up in the IRC chatroom so they uswed to be actioned fairly rapidly. Not so much these days as the IRC chat is not as busy as it once was

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

Ah, forgot one, the weekly news one, I now use that for keeping up to date with OSM and ignore everything else

Holiday reflections on OpenStreetMap about 5 years ago

“We don’t know if these people are enjoying or recoiling from these discussions, or totally ignoring them.”

recoiling/ignoring would be my guess

I gave up keeping up with the mailing lists a year ago but stayed subscribed. One day recently I went back and started reading. I got through 2 months worth before I gave up.

The high volume lists are, by and large, toxic

As a result, I’ve unsubscribed from every single one, bar my local one

A year of edits with OSM Streak over 5 years ago

This is excellent!

Approaching 1 million opening hours over 5 years ago

It would be interesting to line up the release date of streetcomplete & with this to see if there has been a spike due to either app

Updating Blarney... almost 6 years ago

Fair play (from Galway)

The OSM website now has a context menu (right-click menu)! about 6 years ago

Nice work!

“Mum. There’s an Old Man at the Door” almost 7 years ago

Ha, gave me a chuckle.

GSoC Diary 1 almost 7 years ago

These are fantastic updates. Really useful, thank you!

Mapper in the Spotlight: Pete Masters (Scotland) almost 7 years ago

Another great interview, thanks escada

Your OpenStreetMap Story almost 7 years ago

Ha! That is cool

Easily map individual parking spaces using the terracer plugin in JOSM about 7 years ago

not dismissing your work, but I think my way is easier and a lot more in line with the norm

Map the whole parking area as amenity=parking

Thats it. 1 polygon/closed way

If I know the info, I will add capacity, operator etc

I’m not sure I see any benefit in mapping spaces to this level of detail (and I’m a lover of micromapping)

One major downside is the visual clutter it would create due to the amount of Parking icons appearing on the map