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December 23, 2019

OSM garbages are mostly from armchair mapping. If you do not own a vehicle or you are only interested in mapping non vehicular stuffs, do not expect me getting back on you. If your changeset gets a comment from me, you did something either wrong or incorrect.

My main editing area is: Montana, Colorado, Rural Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Delmarva Peninsula, DMV and various Appalachian States of the US. I occasionally edit random places over the world because of stupid names found in my search result (like grass with name “roundabout” or road with name “added road”) and apparently wrong tag usage, or cell towers.
Region with extensive local knowledge: Colorado, Pennsylvania, DMV, North Carolina, Upstate New York and West Virginia. I do not accept any challenges in these regions regarding my edit’s verifiability.

I’ve been using OSM since 2009, but prior to 2015 I did not create or contribute under any account. One reason is that I come from a country where unauthorized surveying is strictly prohibited. After I moved to US, I can finally spend more time with my GPS traces. I’m based in Chambersburg PA, but working in Hagerstown MD.

Maps should be free to general public, but the reality is:

  • Providers like Google or Mapbox, make maps free to public. However you cannot gain control of data itself.
  • Providers like Waze, make driving better but abandon trucks and cyclists.
  • Providers like HERE or Bing, are just failing behind of Google because of data quality.
  • Providers like Apple or TomTom, are proprietary software which means a prerequisite like purchasing specific product/service is required.
  • Providers like Amap or Yandex, are only dominant in certain countries.

I do not use OSM for driving as well because it is a horrible idea until TIGER is phased out. I just tend to be more realistic.

As an user of Garmin products, the only map source is OSM. Instead of relying on other people or AI bullshit from Microsoft or Facebook, I can map everything in a better way. OSM cares about everyone but data quality is constantly declining in rural areas where separate GPS units can make themselves as a solid assistance. That is why I’m interested in mapping towers, speed limits, scenic/natural features and trails, speed cameras and water. Yeah 3D building is cool, but how about those living in rural area cannot even have a stable Internet to grab map for directions?

Feel free to message me if you have any non-editing questions, I’m also a member of OSMF. If you have concerns with my changesets, please find me on Slack.


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  • Garmin Fenix 6 + Garmin 66sr