Mapper since:
December 23, 2019
2022-2023 checklist:

Plan: Susquehanna County PA TIGER cleanup, ensure 100% correct on street name, legal boundaries, functional classification and traffic signal.

MVP: Water bodies + Trails

Out of scope: Addess points

I live in Pennsylvania. I audit your edits at east coast of the USA (including restricted areas). I have RTK equipments and possess amateur understanding of GIS. I help OSM Data working group to hunt troublemakers. Find me on Slack at

My maintain interests are key infrastructures within PA/WV/MD/DE/NC/NY/CT, I have no interests mapping how many trees in your backyard.

Stop using mailing list and IRC, they sound awful and so do you.

Do not add features from 100 years ago as abandoned unless you live in a graveyard. Pissed? Deal with it.


Regarding my Cosmetic changes:

You may have seen that many of my changes do look like that. Yes, they are really cosmetic by:

  1. Realign
  2. No name change either for street or for water
  3. Add a traffic light, delete extra nodes (rarely happens since realign requires more nodes actually), upgrade tags…
  4. Add layers

Sometimes even 1 changeset can contain 300-500 changes, but none of them are really of importance. All these cosmetic changes are the prerequisite of future Major changes that:

  1. Mass cleanup of obsolete tags (NHD + TIGER)
  2. Street name verification (TIGER)
  3. Imagery validation (Vandalism)
  4. Retag Functional Classification
  5. Catch up with reality (Are you still at 2007?)
  6. Or Make OSM Great Again?

Do not ask me again “can you have better comments” because I do leave non-generic comments when something is not cosmetic but requiring attention, like rework an overpass, repair a ramp of an interstate or when I’m on phone using Go Map! while driving.

Writing software/algorithm/UI won’t improve the map, only data is the king. OSM is a database. Don’t try to get me impressed by those craps, IDGAF.