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closed 3816103 DLichti

The three track crossings to the south are protected as one level crossing. Same for the remaining track crossings to the north.

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closed 3508833 DLichti

Zugangsbeschränkungen auf diesen Feldwegen prüfen. Ist motorcar=no wirklich überall zutreffend?

open 4043984 DLichti

Unable to answer "Is this still here?" for via StreetComplete_ee 55.11:

Möglicherweise nur saisonal?

closed 3811356 DLichti

Unable to answer "What are the pickup times of this collection box?" for via StreetComplete_ee 53.32:

According to the staff, there is no postbox here. Visitors can leave letters and postcards to the staff, who will then post them at the next postbox in town.

closed 3796402 DLichti

Toaletter finns här.

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closed 3797316 DLichti

Toaletterna och sopboden är här.

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closed 3818493 DLichti

Unable to answer "Which direction leads upwards for these steps?" for via StreetComplete_ee 53.32:

The uncovered part has no steps.

closed 3966363 DLichti

Unable to answer "Is there tactile paving at the top and bottom of these steps?" for via StreetComplete_ee 55.0:

Hier ist ein Steg.

closed 3952274 DLichti

Hier ist eine kleine Fußgängerbrücke.

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closed 3575968 DLichti

Unable to answer "Is this stop lit?" for via StreetComplete 51.0:

Umgebaut auf Mittelbahnsteig.

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