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closed 7825 DKNOTT

This area between 7 and G-town Pike is Great Falls, not Reston.

closed 11685 DKNOTT

All sorts of alignment issues.

closed 7827 DKNOTT

This area is a Herndon postal address (although not within the town limits) , not Reston.

closed 7828 DKNOTT

Borders are not aligned properly.

closed 6901 DKNOTT

Lots of alignment issues here.

closed 11681 DKNOTT

Alignment here is way off.

closed 2017

Northern United Place: Home of Yellowknife United Church, Holy Family Lutheran Church, Aurora College - Yellowknife Campus, Subsidized Housing for Low Income, Seniors, Recent Newcomers to Canada

closed 2103 stevens

Many of the crossing roads in this area are drawn as as single way. These ways should be split, some are tagged highway=road level=-5 which is also wrong

closed 8663 DKNOTT

Neighborhood missing here.

closed 808654

Timbercreek Trail

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