Mapper since:
March 01, 2010

As Contributor I mostly map with Potlach and JOSM for imports or complex drawing. My Samsung smartphone replaced my Garmin Oregon GPS to create traces (usefull under tree coverage). HOT, … if I’m available For the moment ,I’m interested in

  • importing French Open Data
    • Farmland contour (parcellaire)
    • Public/private Forests
  • Mapping the Diffa region in Niger

As User I’m interested in using OSM for Orienteering map making - MAPPER is great to directly import .OSM files.

For other purpose, I use different tools as - Potlach (because I’m used to it) - JOSM (when it becomes touchy) - ID because it checks lots of things - QGIS

Links I Like :

OSM related smartphone applications

  • Organic Maps
  • Vespucci
  • OSM Tracker