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closed 4040536 Cubical

New roundabout open at Portobello & Valin

open 4146288 Cubical

New houses built here

open 4146287 Cubical

New houses built here

open 4146276 Cubical

New houses on Renaud Road

closed 2822535

Campeau opened to cycling/pedestrians

closed 1692565 DannyMcD

Dun Skipper Drive or Dun Skipper Road? The city says Drive, the developers+street signs say Road.

closed 3281308

New pedestrian/cycling bridge lifted into place yesterday. Expect to open to public in early 2023.

closed 2000836

From Campus Ave (N-S) to University Drive this road is now only One way (Going East Bound)

This Portion of Road has been blocked off by the University and it will be closed until either May 2020 or further depending on the school's decision

closed 2049535 LogicalViolinist

In order to expand and extend the north-south Trillium Line, the O-Train that runs between Bayview and Greenboro will close in May. It won’t reopen until the revamped Trillium Line is ready for revenue service, scheduled for 2022.

closed 2720020

Bridge closed.

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