Mapper since: February 12, 2013

Casual mapper based out of St. Peters, Missouri. My primary focus at the moment is in St. Charles County, mostly adding in subdivisions (landuse=residential), improving road geometry (Making curves smooth instead of the harsh angles from the TIGER import.), and adding in major missing data where I notice it (Bridges, Parks, Streams, Roads, etc.)

I use JOSM 99% of the time, only moving away from it when I don't have access to a computer with it installed.

Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions on my edits. I usually try to respond within a day or so.

My current large-scale projects are:

Mark Twain National Forest

  • Outer border complete
  • Forest areas (natural=wood) have just been started, mainly around Rolla. This is still being worked on

St. Peters City Limit multipolygon fix

  • Outer border geometry has been adjusted to match current county & city records.
  • Outer border has been correctly ordered in the relation (all members now form a complete loop)
  • Inner borders have been started, but are not yet complete. There are a lot of smaller 1-2 lot size pockets on the eastern edge of the city that I'm working through verifying

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