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open 4010375 Closeapple

Pedestrian plaza was torn out here in mid-2023. Not yet clear what's replacing it, but there's no sidewalk access around this corner in the meantime.

closed 2841913 submitted note from a business:
name: Adam Merrick Real Estate
phone: 309-282-1000
hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
category: Real Estate Agents
address: 100 n main st east peoria, il

open 2775639 karson_

All of the golf features need to be removed. The course was closed ~4 years ago, but someone decided to remap everything from old imagery.

closed 2623124 submitted note from a business:
name: Vero Italiano
phone: (309) 294-0082
twitter: N/A
hours: Wednesday-Saturday 5-9pm
category: Italian Restaurants
address: 5901 N Prospect Rd, Peoria, IL 61614

open 4157875 Closeapple

The old Hamilton Road here is now Peoria Park District property and is probably (re-)mappable as a track.

closed 4156209 Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood

You can't get to the last node here. The road changes from road to driveway.

closed 4148888

E. Koch Road - upper third of road is private and has a no tresspassing sign.

closed 4148892 Groundhogcat

North Safford Drive is 100% private as I found out when stopped by a resident of said street.

open 4157590 Closeapple

some track in here going NE


closed 3562508 Closeapple

resurvey: Trail has been straightened over top of old outdoor pool in 2022.

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