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closed 516360 CloCkWeRX

From a strava user:

"La calle es de un solo sentido, y me está conduciendo a contra mano del trafico (en dirección contraria) Pude provocar un accidente."

I can't tell which direction it is though from satellite imagery.

5 months ago 7 days ago
open 302943 CloCkWeRX

New housing here

over 1 year ago 9 days ago
closed 403582

The section of Garrard Road between Conlin Road and Winchester Road will be permanently closed to through traffic in order to facilitate the construction of the 407 East Extension project commencing on July 20, 2015

about 1 year ago 10 days ago
open 227413 CloCkWeRX

Possibly needs resurvey -

almost 2 years ago 11 days ago
closed 541383 CloCkWeRX

This road seems to be complete (check out strava gps traces, there's a lot) and there's a few complex intersections visible. Needs survey or updating

4 months ago 12 days ago
open 506451 CloCkWeRX

Alignment to bing or similar is warranted here as per

6 months ago 18 days ago
closed 262421 CloCkWeRX suggests this needs resurvey in the near future

over 1 year ago 25 days ago
closed 335111 CloCkWeRX

Needs re-survey according to

over 1 year ago 25 days ago
closed 497377 CloCkWeRX talks about a single storey dwelling going up here. Have to resurvey if approved and construction starts

7 months ago 29 days ago
closed 582862

your died

about 2 months ago about 1 month ago

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