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closed 3532120

moved to airport

closed 3191412

Extra House missing branches off left side of that road. Drive past it all the time and a new house (temporarily added) as been added here.

Also Cow Crossing slightly off. There is another side to it that goes past the dam

closed 3312287 Zergling_man

Unable to answer "What’s the house number of this building?" for via StreetComplete 45.2:

I asked at one of the two stores and they didn't know, and showed that on Google Maps it's 9/11. That seems unusual as it usually means "unit 9, lot 11"; 9-11 ("spans lots 9 and 11") would make more sense.

closed 3259826 Zergling_man

Unable to answer "What’s the surface here?" for via StreetComplete 44.1:

This path is inaccessible from Atherton end, a large bush blocks what is likely access to a property.

closed 3189477 kgoetz

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 43.0:

It is an exchange, not something open to public

closed 2931120 rocky2109

Our users indicate that the road name is Westwood Street instead of Wentworth Street. We cannot find any available sources to verify this information. Can any local mappers confirm this? Can anyone update the road names here please? #MSFTOpenMaps.

closed 2931132

Bangin Bean caravan serving coffee (check social media for times)

closed 2689789

Road Closed around here from 29-5-2021 for several weeks.

closed 2391722 yrichard


closed 2635662

This shop is now Daci & Daci cafe

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