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closed 2555957 jpennycook

High Street, Reading Road, and Whitchurch Road are all tagged as 20mph either side of this short stretch of High Street which is tagged as 30mph. Should this also be tagged as 20mph?

closed 838978

can anyone confirm this "New road "Rawlins Rise" is missing. Post Code is RG31 6AF" and fix it please.

Thank you.

closed 2240932 Stuart Ward

Garden Palmer Court

closed 2231448

strange access tagging on - is it a bridleway rather than a footway (bicycles and horses allowed), or just a footway (pedestrians allowed)? Why does it have access=no?

closed 1882851 Chris Caven

Debenhams entrance permanently closed here

via StreetComplete 13.0

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closed 1882785 Chris Caven

No path at this point

via StreetComplete 13.0

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closed 1882837 Chris Caven

Future Babies is now ultrasound direct The Fertility Partnership

via StreetComplete 13.0

closed 1882828 Chris Caven

No crossing at this point

via StreetComplete 13.0

closed 1861782 4004

is it Hilden or Hildens drive?

closed 1775244 4004

Baby changing facilities as well

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