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closed 3652013

Incorrect location for Grafton Volcano. The actual location for the crater is centred on Outhwaite Park here:


open 3532122 ChookMan

Large earthworks have started on this side of the railway, perhaps the Paerata station is starting construction?

closed 2613226 myfanwy

missing bus stops

closed 2589041 myfanwy

multiple bus stops missing, route of 711 and 734

closed 3235726 myfanwy

72m bus route

closed 1331238 linz_robA

Needs a ground survey to locate individual units at 8 Landscape Road

closed 3122618

Ford Street is now a no exit onto Pokeno Road

closed 3178809 PAPAKURA1

These 3 businesses and buildings are gone now. Area indicated as 218 is now a parking lot for Countdown.

closed 3123689 CoyKoi

Is the cycleway link here completed?

closed 2903885 ChookMan

Should the Te Reo names of these parks be included in the official name as a dual name seperated by a / for example: 'Wai-hīrea / Wattle Farm Ponds Reserve'. This is how its written in the Auckland Council website, or should it be kept as it is now with a name:mi tag?

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