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Useful Mapping Tips
  • Use the ‘F’ key in ID and JOSM to follow another line of nodes while mapping an area.
  • Use the spacebar to draw a line following your mouse in ID.
  • Use the ‘Shift+C’ key combo to merge lines or to merge an area into another area. If you draw a line inside an area you can combine them to create a hole in the polygon if you use proper inner and outer tags.

  • admin_level=7 for cities, 8 for towns, 9 for villages, 10 for hamlets, neighbourhoods, suburbs, etc.
Object tags in Belize

44% of roads have surface tags.
63% of woods has a leaf_type tag
21% of farmland has a crop tag.

Mapping Completed by Districts
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LanduseMay 2022October 2022Jan 2023Aug 2022October 2022
BuildingsApril 2022March 2022
Interesting facts about Belize on OpenStreetMap

Sources found here. Ohsome
* 157,000 Buildings
* 4,300 sq. km. Woods
* 3,823 km of Streams
* 2,643 km of Rivers
* 2,416 km of Coastlines
* 1,012 sq. km. Meadow/Grassland/Grass
* 624 sq. km. Wetland
* 530 sq. km. Farmland
* 488 sq. km. Scrub
* 181 sq. km. Residental/Commercial/Industrial
* 125 sq. km. Water
* 4 sq. km. Beach/Sand

Buildings mapped by me. Total 39,000
CY [TOTAL]13,176
BZ [TOTAL]13,071
SC [TOTAL]6,308
BZ Ambergris Caye4,359
TO [TOTAL]4,165
BZ Ladyville-Lord's Bank Conurbation2,800
BZ Belize City2,564
TO Bella Vista1,970
SC (Rural)1,593
CY Camalote-Roaring Creek Conurbation1,450
SC Santa Cruz1,300
CY Belmopan City1,284
CY (Rural)1,242
CY Spanish Lookout1,107
OW [TOTAL]1,096
CY San Ignacio & Santa Elena960
BZ Hattieville889
CY Cotton Tree653
SC San Roman-Santa Rosa Conurbation622
TO (Rural)595
CY Armenia577
BZ (Rural)532
CY Bullet Tree Falls518
SC Hopkins492
CY Teakettle417
CY Billy White417
SC Placencia411
CY St. Matthew's372
CY Ontario348
TO San Isidro342
CY Esperanza338
SC Silk Grass324
CY Santa Marta303
CZ Neuland301
CY Buena Vista278
CY Los Tambos269
SC Seine Bight267
CY Duck Run III249
BZ Mahogany Heights244
BZ Biscayne240
OW (Rural)234
SC Independence224
CY Duck Run II222
OW Santa Marta218
(Country) Peru217
CY Frank's Eddy209
BZ Double Head Cabbage207
TO Roseville205
CZ (Rural)203
CY Harmonyville195
SC Maya Centre195
CY Arenal195
SC Hummingbird Community191
CY Arizona184
TO San Pablo179
BZ St. George's Caye174
TO Medina Bank170
CY Lower Barton Creek166
CY La Gracia166
CY Georgeville163
OW Carmelita157
CY St. Margaret's148
BZ Tropical Park147
SC Gales Point140
OW Honey Camp138
CY Selena134
TO Punta Gorda Town129
BZ St. Paul & Willows Bank117
CY Agua Viva116
BZ Bermudian Landing113
(Country) Haiti113
BZ Gentleville110
CY Central Farm108
SC Kingsville102
BZ Rancho Dolores99
OW Blue Creek98
BZ La Democracia97
SC Steadfast Community94
OW Indian Creek91
TO Corazon Creek91
OW Shipyard88
CZ San Victor88
SC Dangriga85
SC Pomona83
BZ Rockville79
CY San Marcos74
CY Black Man Eddy73
CY Duck Run IV73
BZ Bomba70
TO Dolores70
TO Bladen69
SC Sarawee68
BZ Flowers Bank63
SC Maya Beach62
TO Tambran61
(Country) Canada59
SC Kendal58
CY More Tomorrow55
TO Yemeri Grove55
CY Springfield54
SC Caribbean Way53
BZ Jih Chan52
(Country) Libya48
BZ Bird Walk46
CY Santa Terresita47
(Country) Colombia44
TO Machakilha44
TO Santa Ana43
TO Trio42
SC Valley Community41
CZ Caledonia36
SC Mayan King35
CY Paslow Falls32
(Country) Mexico32
(Country) Vietnam29
TO San Felipe26
BZ Maskall25
BZ May Pen22
SC Hope Creek20
OW Orange Walk Conurbation21
TO Punta Negra16
OW Carmelita13
OW San Antonio13
TO San Pedro Columbia12
TO Mafredi12
TO Santa Elena10
(Country) United States10
OW Richmond Hill7
OW Guinea Grass7
TO Conejo Creek7
TO Mabilha6
TO San Antonio6
CY Los Tambos4
CY Valley of Peace4
OW San Felipe4
OW August Pine Ridge2
OW San Lazaro2
TO Crique Sarco2
TO Edridgeville1
TO Pueblo Viejo1
TO San Vicente1
TO Santa Teresa1
TO Santa Elena1
CY Arenal1
SC Red Bank1