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open 4089225 CatSu

Park needs survey

closed 3483869 CatSu

ZHL Automotive

closed 3612511 CatSu


closed 3366739

fix multipolygon relation

closed 3853979 Mateusz Konieczny

shop=Jefferson Barracks Park South Trailhead ? What is the meaning of that shop value? What kind of services or products are sold here? Is anything from fitting? Maybe new value needs to be invented? Maybe this data is wrong and there is no shop here? Maybe it is not a shop but something else?

closed 3684810 CatSu


open 3886322 CatSu

Little library near here, needs a survey

closed 3456357 CatSu


closed 3166617 CatSu

Someone needs to confirm the name of this hotel.

open 3742852 CatSu

Everly apartments in this section of the building. Use esri world imagery (not clarity)

Maybe adjust to esri clarity though.

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