Mapper since: July 29, 2016

I was born in Puyallup. Graduated Auburn High and South Seattle College. I own my business called the West Coast Carnivorous Nursery. I am still not open for business, but shooting for mother’s day 2019. The name answers your question and the motto answers your next question. And if there are still any questions: NO I DON’T GROW POT!

I map when I am up to it. I am finally caught up on yard work. Just waiting for the burn ban to be lifted and pay day to come. What got me involved in this project was when I started getting calls from customers saying Goo-Gull maps was dropping them off on the freeway with no further directions to my house. This was as a result to “them” not putting a driveway to my house off 198th. Since the freeway is physically closer, the Goo-Gull algorithm dropped them off at the closest point. So I want through the process of getting this debacle fixed and to this day, 4 years later, they have yet to fix it.

Something I really enjoy as a result to this is figuring out where people’s driveways are when they are hard to trace on the map. I feel like I may be helping someone out there who needs to get to their destination.

I have two wiener dogs - emphasis on wieners; aka twits, twerps, numbskulls, dweebs, and just plain adorably sweet and cute oogee-boogee little weenies!!!