Mapper since:
November 09, 2012

Originally from Melbourne, Australia; I haved Vientiane, Laos for a few years. I am now living back in Australia.

My edits are based my own walking surveys, my GPS tracks, notes I make, combined with available aerial photography and VicPlan/VicMap from the State government in Victoria.

I am a casual, mid-level editor. Being a casual editor, I don’t know everything… If I’ve done something “wrong” just let me know.

I use StreetComplete, Vespucci, MAPS.ME to make simple edits as well as to make GPS tracks and notes on the move, or iD on desktop for more advanced edits that can’t be undertaken on a phone easily.

Historically I sourced most of my edits though photos I took on my phone with GPS tags. This is no longer used, but the archive can be seen here

My alias on the OpenStreetMap wiki is also Beager.

I also have a Wikipedia account, which I’ve had since 2008 and I use to add the odd bit of information.