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open 3611494 BPierrick

"1st floor"
OSM snapshot date: 2022-12-16T15:17:23Z
POI name: Inland Revenue Department
POI types: office-government

closed 1790346 BPierrick

swamp here

closed 2771772 BPierrick

rat island

closed 2702976 BPierrick

Tet Paul trail office

closed 2542170 BPierrick

gas station does not exist anymore

closed 3077369 BPierrick

road name: Atlantic Drive

closed 2702979 BPierrick

this is all beach with cliffs from Anse mamin to see jambon

closed 2542168 BPierrick

football field ⚽

closed 2771778 BPierrick

Bridge here

closed 2771773 BPierrick

The skyway hotel is now closed

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