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closed 3799967 Kartibu

Unable to answer "What kind of building is this?" for via StreetComplete 53.2:

Existiert nicht

closed 2375106

Die Volkshochschule ist umgezogen und befindet sich mittlerweile in der Hauptstraße 22 (statt Nr. 96).

closed 2353806

The spelling is Andersen. For Andersen Office Building. AKA MN Dept. of Human Services ELA Building, or ELA Building for short.
Wikipedia: Elmer Lee Andersen was an American businessman, philanthropist, and the 30th Governor of Minnesota, serving a single term from January 2, 1961, to March 25, 1963, as a Republican

closed 2811246 VitKlim

Could someone confirm is there still a hospital?

closed 2715373 citric-raven

Unable to answer "Is the bus stop Palace Av lit?" for via StreetComplete 32.1:

Not directly lit, but some light from nearby street light

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closed 2715377 citric-raven

Unable to answer "Does the bus stop Palace Av have tactile pavings?" for via StreetComplete 32.1:

Tactile pavings at nearby crosswalk but not at bus stop per se

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closed 1556391

Liberty Bell Replica, cast in 1950:

closed 1556389

Military Family tribute stone garden is located here:

closed 2632797

This is a house

closed 2066944 submitted note from a business:
name: Concrete Service Plus
phone: (651) 412-3436
twitter: undefined
hours: 24/7
category: ,Masonry/Concrete
address: 2554 Delaware Ave St Paul, MN 55118

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