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closed 2388906 ccgauvin94

bicycle racks

via StreetComplete 24.1

closed 1997897

Wierd park-like area here

closed 3085853 hnaguski

Unable to answer "What kind of crossing is this?" for via StreetComplete 41.2:

The sidewalk continues

closed 2575494 Aster11

Native American Studies building under construction

closed 2316503 LuisVilla

Argh, was misreading map and tagged wrong building. This is not a shelter/roof, it's a bathroom.

via StreetComplete 22.3

closed 1506228 AlaskaDave

this building is no longer here as of summer 2018

closed 719697 pyrenours

speed limit 55

closed 1943416

St. Paul school

closed 719702 pyrenours

speed limit 70mph

closed 1141078 yeus

sl 70 s

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