Mapper since: January 27, 2016

Portuguese version

Atualmente mantendo a cidade de São José dos Campos – SP.

Também faço edições marcando pontos de interesse com opção vegetariana para serem usados principalmente pelo aplicativo OpenVegeMap.

Sites que utilizam este dados: OpenVegeMap, VeggieKarte. O aplicativo OsmAnd também pode filtrar por tags de dieta.

Há uma lista de tarefas nacional para cadastro de POIs com opção vegetariana.

Participo do grupo @OSMBrasil_Comunidade no Telegram.

English version I mainly edit POIs that offer vegan or vegetarian options to be used by the OpenVegeMap app. I am also interested in drawing buildings and vegetation.

Websites that use the diet:vegan and diet:vegetarian keys: OpenVegeMap, VeggieKarte. OsmAnd also contains a diet filter in its search feature.

Note for international mappers: I am also changing POIs all over the world with the cuisine=*vegan* tag replacing it with appropriate diet tags. I manually check every contact form before editing to ensure correctness, or add missing contacts (website, social networks) from where any other mapper can validate any other tag. If something’s wrong, please leave a message.

Note for vegan mappers: We now have a Telegram group (also bridged to Matrix) dedicated to discuss vegan or vegetarian (and general diet or POI-related) mapping, and anything animal-related like sanctuaries or veterinary clinics. Please join if you intend to perform such contributions.