Mapper since:
August 08, 2018

What I don’t like on OSM:

  • Sharp roads - roads that have been drawn with only few nodes and when the road curves, drawer used only a sharp corner rather than have some effort and put at least two more nodes to make it look normally.

  • Roads in the field - many roads on OSM look like a 5-year old was drawing them, as they are mapped so inaccurately and there might be up to 100 m space between the actual road and road drawn in OSM. Some of these look like an absolute joke or trolling. I don’t know what’s so hard on simply following the road and drawing it as it goes.

  • Bad roads marking - do you mind driving on a grade5 track made out of grass? No? Then mark it as residential! Or in other way around, people worked hardly to asphalt the road and it’s quality is fine, and it makes good access to small villages. What to do? Mark it as track, or even better, as path, or even better, don’t even bother drawing it on the map!

  • Villages marked as hamlet- I see village with 49 inhabitants, but my limit is 50. What to do? Mark it as hamlet! And don’t care about that it’s an important place in remote, low-density populated area. Does it have more than 50 inhabitants, but you don’t like the name? Mark it as hamlet! Is the population not included in the node data? Don’t even bother going to Wikipedia to find population, just mark it as hamlet, even when it can be Donja Dobra with 212 inhabitants!

  • Building copying - I absolutely hate putting residential areas on the map. I want my map look realistic, but I am super lazy and can’t draw buildings one by one. But here’s the solution: find one building and copy it everywhere in nearby villages. Nobody knows it, but all buildings in the world are the same size, same shape and same direction.

  • Hamlets marked as villages - just when you have discovered new place that hasn’t been on the map before, you don’t have to bother to check if it’s standalone or not - just share it to all the world and make them see your new findings that are often not even mentioned on the road!

  • Abbreviations - I suppose that somebody from Estonia or Bolivia definitely knows that D. stands for Donji, G. for Gornji, M. for Mali, V. for Veliki and Sv. for Sveti.

  • Thick residential areas - better mark many areas of fields and forests as “residential areas” rather than show some effort and use it only on actual areas with buildings.

  • Diacritics mess - if you can’t accept that Ć is not Č and Đ is not Dj, you should keep your hands from Croatia away.

  • Blank village/hamlet/isolated dwelling tags - so nice of you, you are too lazy to find out the name of that village or hamlet, but you want to easen work for future mappers, so you place blank tags that aren’t even visible on the actual map. But let me tell you that everyone can do that on their own.

  • Sick detail - detailed maps are rare and nice things, but when literally every tree and fence is marked, it makes future editting impossible and lags everyones’ computers.

  • Small letters in village name second words - remember, Croatia is not Slovenia, so every village or hamlet named for example Novo Selo is not written as Novo selo. Exception only for streets.