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May 11, 2022

Andrew Doro moved from the education sector to the fast-paced world of staffing and outsourcing following a successful career in the field. He worked with a number of healthcare staffing companies to develop knowledge in the areas of recruiting, credentialing, sales, and backoffice operations (accounting, IT, legal, etc.). Doro had experience working with the following people as a result of this: The Veterans Administration is one example of a federal government agency. The Department of Defense, which includes the Army and Navy of the United States, The Department of Health and Human Services is a federal agency.

State and local government organizations in need of a wide range of human capital and staffing services are targeted.

Doro also spent time honing her other business talents, which included the following: Making marketing presentations is what I do. Preparing proposals is an important step. Programs for scheduling, credentialing, coordination, and deployment are being developed.

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