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open 4146885

This road does not join up with Britannia Way

open 3522206 ntzm

from aerial imagery, it looks like this path can be cycled on. needs ground survey as where is links to is unclear

open 1983156 Robert Whittaker

New EACH hospice here called The Nook. Visible on aerial imagery and could do with mapping. See and .

open 2247187 Tristan Scott

lots of new built properties

closed 3908592 Ropotamo

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 53.3:

Piano store

closed 3905958 rich257

Also 2 Bury Street

via StreetComplete 54.0

closed 4081414

Ryrie court is private

closed 4081413

Is a private driveway

closed 4081410

Judges drive is private

open 3704414 TheUKHighStreet

This store isn't on the Coral website. Is it closed? Is something else open?

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