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My would-be answers to the OSMF board survey

I agree english as “mandatory” is nice for the native english speakers only (OSM was first created in UK I think…). But most people are not native speakers or not speak english at all….last week i was verbally attacked, because I dared to have the topic in a ticketing sytem (however vor JOSM) not in english language. Not motivating…. Maybee there could be even more contribution from non- englishspeaking countries? Last week I was quite astonished to be #5 of mappers in Portugal - i did only map for some months intensely on a tiny tiny acores island…. Possibly one could use deepl for automatic translations… The diversity question is even more difficult. Most activities in this field are started by people who perceive a “problem” in the first hand and intend to solve this their “problem” in their own interest. So the first question migth be mandatory: “do we have a problem or not”. If women are rather not interested in sitting nights long at the PC mapping so what? Is a mappers sexual orientation, skin color, religion…. important here at all??? Or is it rather a problem of single individuals to show this off and then pick out negative reactions and make a problem out of it. That is “activism” we do not need in my opinion.