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duplicate ways

closed 1193375 yurasi

This OSM note is added as per the user feedback from Mapbox:
Can anyone please confirm and add whether "Carroll Fabrication " is located here?
Thank you.

closed 2219950 Allen1975

As of late 2018, County Highway 50 no longer crosses US 23 / US 30 due to high volume traffic and the intersection was dangerous.

closed 1430373

This is a driveway, not a road

closed 379468

Mansfield ARFC

closed 276178

bounds: (40.7245,-82.508 - 40.7208,-82.4976)
To the left of the pin it says greenlee rd. This is incorrect. To the right of the pin it says Brenda drive & this is correct. Please remove greenlee rd to the left of the pin.

closed 813974

The spelling for this road is Sloane Avenue

closed 427004

There is construction at this intersection. A bridge is being removed and traffic patterns are / will be changing significantly.

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