Alex Khimich

Mapper since:
August 29, 2010

This user is registered since 2010, and made significant contribution recent years to OSM.

Since 2022 this user has decided to stop contributing bc OSM supports Russian terrorism & fascism by depicting annexed territory as a part of Mordor. Many respected companies around the World left business with terroristic state so-called “Russia”, but OSM made opposite move.

Today’s world & democracy and legislation rules, international recognition means much more to this user than just single schizophrenic dictator from Russia. Unfortunately OSM took side of darkness and supports dictatorship, fascistic claims against another countries, disregard & disrespect, it approves the force & annexation and totally disregards Ukraine.

This project doesn’t worth your time and attention, satellite imagery becomes more and more advanced, your life time is limited, spend it on something more valuable and precious.

Русские свинособаки, горите в аду.