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open 4062359 Ale GA

Metro exit 4 is here

open 4062358 Ale GA

Only one of the two roads exists

closed 1811673 Ale GA

There is one connection point instead of two

closed 3759613 Ale GA

Staircase is here. No roads cross, No way for car to 60 Evler Caddesi from intersecting road.

closed 3759623 Ale GA

Gate on the path. And a fence, from north to south.

closed 3739389 Ale GA

Gate is here. Always closed. Something like a service gate to hotel.

closed 2894498 Ale GA

No roundabout here anymore!

closed 3292838 Ale GA

В 2022 доступ к лежбищу сивучей закрыт.,53.063138000000002

closed 2883598 Ale GA

Service gate is here

closed 1533074 Ale GA

Wrong position. This hotel is located next to Amanda Beach Cottages on the opposite side of of the road.

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