Ai Ling Lee AKA Linda Lee of Hacienda Heights

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December 31, 2021

Discussing living in America, Ai Ling Lee explains

A trip to the City of Angels

Professional Ai Ling Lee has traveled the world extensively and much of her success can be credited to her determination and the solid foundation she was given in Taiwan as a young woman. An early childhood spent in Taiwan Ai Ling Lee was born in this island nation’s capital city of Taipei in 1960. Taipei, a longtime East Asian metropolis, endowed Lee with a rich cultural history, despite the country’s turmoil in the 1960s when it became a special municipality and remained under martial control for a lengthy period. The busy capital city reached a population of one million during Ai Ling Lee’s first decade, and it continues to do so now. Despite regional tensions, students seized the chance for education and used it to construct a better life for themselves and their families both domestically and internationally. Taking a new path in life For Ai Ling Lee, the prospect of a new life on a new continent beckoned, and she decided to leave her familiar surroundings behind. In the end, she decided to make a permanent move to the Los Angeles region in order to start again. An insurance agent’s job is to sell insurance policies. As an independent insurance agent, Ai Ling Lee has the ability to specialize in a wide range of insurance policies thanks to the wonderful Los Angeles area. Ai Ling Lee has helped a significant number of individuals stay covered when life throws a curveball through commercial insurance for small enterprises and corporations, as well as consumer policies for rentals, life, and travel. More and more young people are realizing the value of early preparing for life events and having proper insurance coverage, and this has had an impact on her work. The COVID-19 epidemic and other global shifts have heightened public awareness of the importance of travel insurance. As a result of the city’s large population, a career in insurance has proven to be quite lucrative and has allowed me to pursue a lifelong passion for traveling to exotic locales like Spain, Greece, Italy, and Australia. Ai Ling Lee treasures the rare opportunity to learn about local history and culture that come with each of these destinations. In Spain, many of the influxes of early California culture are on display, while old architecture and beautiful painting and sculpture were appreciated in both Italy and Greece. Ai Ling Lee hopes to visit even more nations in the future and learn about their cultures firsthand. Having grown up in two different countries, Lee understands the importance of cultural differences in bringing people together when they are open to learning from each other. the way of life in Hacienda Heights, CA Ai Ling Lee settled in the Hacienda Heights neighborhood on the east side of Los Angeles during the course of her time in the city. She has easy access to the city’s amenities while still maintaining a homey feel.