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Mapper since:
June 01, 2008
Last map edit:
December 03, 2022

Since the bot has destroyed about 10,000 of my ways and at least 180 of my relations, it does not make sense to participate any more.

Local survey in many towns of Northern Germany like Beverstedt, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Burhave, [Drochtersen] (, Elsfleth, <a href=>Erftstadt</a>, <a href=>Grasberg</a>, Hagen, <a href=>Hambergen</a>, <a href=>Langen</a>, <a href=>Lemwerder</a>, <a href=>Lilienthal</a>, Lunestedt, <a href=>Nordenham</a>, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Ovelgönne, Rhade, Ritterhude, [Rodenkirchen] (, Schwanewede, Tarmstedt und <a href=>Worpswede</a>.

My contributions are released under a dual license - you may select the license of your choice: cc-by 3.0/de or ODbL, so each sister project may benefit from my contributions regardless of any OSMF decision.